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Different colors that are available for our washbasins


Choose between our standard washbasins or customize your personal one according to shape, color and design.

We offer seven standard colors for our bathroom products in order to fulfill your wishes. Special requests can always be made.

Looking for something special for your bathroom?
Just let us know how your perfect product would look like and we will manage it!

What the press says

What convinces the customers is not only the unusual material, but also the possibility to design each product individually.

Augsburger Allgemeine

Sandhelden has disrupted the market in bathroom fixtures with its innovative range of sinks.

Monocle Magazin

The customer decides on
the design.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

3D printing has many advantages, it suposses quickly
and flexible production and gives great freedom of form.

Lübecker Nachrichten

The production method is so far unique on the market and should also attract the attention of the big players in the industry.

Si - Das Fachmagazin für SHK-Unternehmer

If you want to give your bathroom some exclusivity and individuality, you should be enthusiastic about the product range. 

3D-Grenzenlos Magazin

Such innovative and sustainable concepts are laudable.

Trend & Style Magazin